LED Lighting

Dec 29th 2020 Staff

The Cincinnati Area's Most Trusted Source For Lighting Products & Services Your Trusted Source Of LED Lighting In Cincinnati Lighting is fundamental to our lives. After all, you wou … read more

How To Light The Outside Of Your Home

Nov 24th 2020 Staff

Looking To Update The Outdoor Lights On Your Home? During the day, outdoor light fixtures can add character and design to your home. But, exterior light fixtures are for more than just … read more

How To Light A Home Office

Nov 23rd 2020 Staff

RAMPING UP YOUR HOME OFFICE’S LIGHTING DESIGN? Have you noticed the light fixtures in your home office are dingy or outdated? If so, we at lighting(one) of Cincinnati are here to he … read more

How To Select The Right Chandelier Size

Nov 4th 2020 Staff

The Perfect Sized Chandelier Makes All The Difference There’s no doubt about it, a chandelier instantly elevates the design and style of a room. Whether you want a modern cha … read more

How To Layer Light Fixtures In A Room

Nov 4th 2020 Staff

Why A Balanced Lighting Design Is Essential Have you ever entered a room with poor, dim lighting that instantly made the space feel small and uninviting? We at lighting(one) of Cinc … read more

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