Have You Ever Considered Adding An Outdoor Chandelier?

Apr 28th 2021 Staff

Chandeliers can be found in several areas throughout a modern home, including the entryway, the living room, and sometimes even the bathroom. However, one area that’s becoming more popular for a chandelier isn’t found inside the four walls of the house; instead, the outdoor deck or patio has become a prime spot for these elegant fixtures. At Lighting One of Cincinnati, we have an outstanding selection of outdoor chandeliers, and we would love to help you find one that fits your home. Have you ever considered adding one to your backyard?

Your Backyard Dining Area


People love extending their living spaces to their backyard, and more and more homeowners are choosing to create comfortable “rooms” on a deck or patio that extends off the back of the house. These spaces can be used as placed to sit and read a book or as an exterior dining area, and a chandelier can add a touch of class unlike any other light fixture. If your outdoor area is covered by a freestanding structure, such as pergola, or an extension of your house’s roof, it should be fairly easy to wire and install a new hanging light. It’s a good idea to consult with a certified electrician to make sure that adding new exterior wiring and switches will be possible.

Choosing Your Fixture Style

The style of fixtures you choose for your backyard space can saw a lot about the ambiance you want to create. If you’re considering which fixture to get, consider first what the purpose of the space will be. Will it be mainly a dining area, or will it serve more as a conversation spot? How much light will you need and what shape will the table be? For a small, round table, a round chandelier can be an optimal choice. For a long table with benches that will seat a lot of people, consider choosing a linear fixture that will provide light for the entire space. You don’t need to bathe the entire area in light, but there needs to be enough ambient illumination that people can see what they’re eating!

An Extension Of Your Home’s Interior


As we said before, backyard spaces are quickly becoming extensions of the home’s interior, and if you have a certain style of chandelier in your entryway or living room, we can help you find an outdoor fixture that matches that style. You may have a vision of an intimate café, or you may have a large exterior area that could use a large light fixture, but whatever the case may be, Lighting One of Cincinnati is here to help. The experts in our showroom will show you a number of options and answer all of your questions regarding design, bulbs, and much more.

If you’re considering adding an outdoor chandelier to your home, visit our store today. We love meeting people who have grand ideas for how they can improve their lighting, no matter if it’s in the dining room or in the backyard.


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