How To Layer Light Fixtures In A Room

Nov 4th 2020 Staff

Why A Balanced Lighting Design Is Essential

Have you ever entered a room with poor, dim lighting that instantly made the space feel small and uninviting? We at lighting(one) of Cincinnati are here to help you make sure the lighting design in your home is welcoming and balanced. Schedule a consultation today to get started!

Three Kinds Of Lighting To Incorporate In A Room

Before we dive into how to create a balanced lighting design in your home, let’s cover what the three layers of lighting are and what kinds of light fixtures can be used to create them.

  • Ambient - Also known as “general lighting”, ambient lighting is what provides the overall illumination within the entire area. Consider overhead lighting such as pendants, chandeliers, flush mounts, and other similar light fixtures to create ambient lighting in a space.
  • Accent Lighting - This kind of lighting works to highlight portions of interest in a room, including art, architecture, or other features you want to stand out more. Wall sconces and track lighting are great options for creating accent lighting.
  • Task Lighting - As the name suggests, task lighting provides additional illumination to areas where certain tasks are performed. From placing a floor lamp near a reading chair, or undercabinet lights above a countertop, there are many different ways to implement task lighting into a room.

Create The Right Lighting Design For Your Home’s Lighting

Now that you know the basics of the different layers of lighting, we at lighting(one) of Cincinnati will provide you with some tips and tricks to getting your home lighting design just right:

  • Entryway - Make the space feel open and welcoming with a hanging fixture such as a chandelier or pendant lights.
  • Hallway - Implement flush or semi-flush ceiling lights, or even wall sconces, to light the walkway.
  • Kitchen and Dining Room - Create great general lighting with pendants or island lighting over the center, and consider undercabinet lighting to provide task lighting over the counter spaces.
  • Bathroom - Sconces around your mirror are a great choice, as well as recessed lighting, flush mounts, or a chandelier as the ambient lighting fixtures in the space.
  • Living Room - Choose a chandelier or ceiling fan as the lighting fixture in the center of the ceiling. Then, add in accent and task lighting as needed to fit your unique space!
  • Bedrooms - Whether you choose a chandelier, flush mount, or a ceiling fan as a decorative light fixture for your ambient lighting, the choice is yours. Similar to the living room, add in other lighting layers to open your space and create your desired mood.

Update Your Lighting Design Today!

Whether you know exactly what light fixtures you want implemented in your home to create the perfect lighting design, or you want one-on-one assistance in finding the right lighting solution for you, we at lighting(one) of Cincinnati are here to help! Browse our online catalog, or stop by our lighting showroom today to get started!

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