Lamp & Light Fixture Repairs

Jun 21st 2021 Staff

Did you know that most lamps and light fixtures can be repaired? At LightingOne of Cincinnati we can repair or restore most types of fixtures. The most common failure for lamps and fixtures is when the bulb socket burns out. The primary reason for this type of failure is using a higher wattage bulb than the socket is rated for. Example, placing a 100 watt bulb in a socket that is rated for 60 watts. This can create a very dangerous fire and electrical hazard as other parts of the lamp such as shade covers or internal wiring can catch fire. You should never use a higher wattage bulb than what is recommended by the manufacturer. You can usually find the maximum wattage on a label that is placed on the bulb socket. A socket can also fail just do to age. Often times customers have come to us looking to replace a lamp or fixture because their old one no longer works. They are surprised to learn that it can be repaired. This is not to say that all lamps or fixtures can or should be repaired as sometimes the damage is so bad that the cost of the repair woud be more expensive than buying a new lamp or fixture. If you have a lamp or light fixture that no longer works, stop in and let us check it out. You will be surprised that most repairs are very inexpensive to fix. We have access to most lamp and light fixture parts and if we can’t repair it, there is no charge to you.

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