Matte Finished Fixtures & Your Home Decor

Matte Finished Fixtures & Your Home Decor

Jun 1st 2022 Staff

Many people love to express themselves with their home decor. They surround themselves with objects they like and that make them feel good, from a great candle collection to works of art and their children's paintings. Thus, it's important to get your home decor right, and matte finished fixtures can easily add volume, depth, and pop to your living spaces.

lighting(one) of Cincinnati is a family-owned lighting store that specializes in helping both residents and business owners in Loveland and the greater Cincinnati area with superior lighting choices, including matte finished fixtures. Our team of expert lighting designers has years of experience helping you discover new lighting fixtures and trends that you can then incorporate into your living spaces, both indoor and outside. When it comes to lighting, our team loves to share their knowledge with you. Learn about matte finished fixtures and your home decor, and visit our lighting showroom today!

Put the Decor First

It's important to emphasize your home's decor over your matte finished lighting fixtures. Fixtures are meant to complement your space, not overwhelm it, so be sure you are choosing the appropriate size of matte finished fixtures with the best design to fit into your home's decor.

Try Mixing and Matching

One great trend is to mix and match finishes, such as black matte with brass. You can also apply this technique to your home decor. Don't be afraid to dare to be different and create interest in an otherwise boring corner. Let our team help make this dream come true.

Try Contrasting Finishes and Colors

While there's something to be said for white walls, for the vast majority of us, we want a splash of color into our lives. And, if you've studied color psychology you'll know that color can be amazing for improving our spirits. Try contrasting matte finished fixtures in different shades for a great look you may just fall in love with.

Go For Subtle

Matte finished fixtures have a knack for being extremely subtle by nature. You can incorporate matte finished fixtures into any space, and they will melt into the crowd per se. This is one great way to have a beautiful home decor that soothes and relaxes.


While you can shop many different types of matte finishes online, it's usually best to shop lighting fixtures in person. Not only does this give you a true sense of the size of the fixture (especially if metrics confuses you), but it also allows you to see different lighting styles you otherwise would not see. And let's face it, unless lighting is a hobby of yours, you probably just don't know enough about lighting to know about all of your options. This is where partnering with your local lighting store, lighting(one) of Cincinnati, can help.

Our lighting specialists have spent years developing their knowledge of lighting, staying current on the latest trends, and ensuring they have cultivated the skill of interior design in order to help you turn your living spaces into beauty defined. They love helping our customers, and we can't wait to help you with all of your lighting needs, from landscape lighting to home decor items. If you are looking for the best indoor and outdoor lighting selections, shop our 4,000-square foot lighting showroom today!

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