New Year, New Lighting Trends

New Year, New Lighting Trends

Dec 14th 2021 Staff

The new year is right around the corner, which means it's time to start planning for new lighting trends. Lighting One of Cincinnati wants you to be prepared with your best light and fixture design! As technology continues to evolve and trends change, so will our lighting choices. What are some of the latest trends that we predict to see throughout 2022? Continue reading to find out, and browse our top trending fixtures online today!

Monochromatic Lighting Fixtures

Monochromatic lighting fixtures are the perfect way to incorporate modern trends into your home. This means that you can add a little color, or stick with one neutral tone throughout your room! Monochrome lighting creates an artistic and elegant feel in any space. Some trendy monochrome colors we predict will be popular throughout 2022 are dark blue, grey, and white.

Architectural Chandeliers

Architectural chandeliers are big, bold, and beautiful! These lighting fixtures have large-scale designs that will leave an impression. They are perfect for open-concept spaces or high ceilings in your home. Architectural lighting is sure to make a statement wherever you place it.

Black Fixtures

Black fixtures are sleek, modern, and timeless. They are perfect for any space that needs a touch of sophistication. We predict that black lighting fixtures will continue to be popular throughout 2022 due to their versatile style. You can easily mix and match black fixtures with many different colors and styles in your home!

Art Deco Shapes

Art Deco shapes are one of the most popular lighting trends that we've seen continue to grow in popularity over time. Art deco light fixtures come with ornate details and unique accents, giving off a classic yet modern vibe! These types of lights work perfectly for entryways, dining rooms, living rooms, hallways, or even your kitchen!

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