Using Fans To Fend Off the Summer Heat

Using Fans To Fend Off the Summer Heat

Apr 6th 2022 Staff

When the summer heat becomes unbearable, many people look for ways to cool off. From heading to the local swimming pool to visiting a movie theatre that is notoriously cold, residents of Cincinnati come up with many creative ways to stay cool. lighting(one) of Cincinnati offers the best indoor and outdoor lighting in Loveland and the greater Cincinnati, Ohio areas. In addition, we offer fans of all types, including ceiling fans, outdoor fans, and commercial fans. Below, we'll offer up some creative ways you can use fans to fend off the summer heat. Shop our fan selection in our lighting showroom today!

Place a Fan in Front of a Window 

One great trick to use fans to stay cool this summer is to place a fan in front of an open window. This works especially well at night when the temperatures fall. Your standing fan or small table fan will draw in the cold air and work to push out the hot air, which can effectively cool your entire room and maybe even your home, depending on its layout. 

Use More Than One Fan to Create a Crosswind 

Another great technique to use fans to cool your space is to invest in more than one fan and use them together to create a crosswind. Here, one fan will draw in the cool air, while the other fan will push the hot air outside. You want to set up fans in the coolest part of your room or home to pull cooler air inwards, and then you'll use the other fan or fans on the opposite side of the room to push the air out. 

Put Ceiling Fans in Your Main Living Spaces 

Ceiling fans work by pushing out air around. It is the movement of air as it brushes your skin and creates evaporation that gives you a cooling effect; only air conditioners lower the actual temperature of the air. It's a good idea to install ceiling fans in all of your main living spaces. They will make you feel cooler, and you can then keep your air conditioner levels higher, saving energy, when you use ceiling fans. 

Invest in an Outdoo Fan for Your Outdoor Living Spaces 

Many people have great patio and deck areas, which are quite enjoyable to spend time with family and friends over the summer. You are outside, enjoying nature and the fresh air, and having an outdoor fan installed can make these times more pleasant. lighting(one) of Cincinnati offers many different types of outdoor fans that you can choose from in many different styles. Another added benefit of outdoor fans is that they tend to keep the insects away since they have a hard time landing in a breeze and they don't particularly like fan blades as they try to land on your light. Stop by our lighting showroom or browse online today. 


Lighting(one)of Cincinnati is a locally owned and operated lighting store. We have a 4,000 square foot lighting showroom where you can browse or many different types of lighting at your leisure. Our lighting designers can work with you to choose the perfect lighting for your residential or commercial space. With years of experience and a plethora of knowledge, we'll make our recommendations based on your desires and needs. 

In addition, we offer lighting repairs and installations to truly offer you a comprehensive lighting service and experience. From chandeliers and pendant lighting to ceiling fans, decor-home accents, and landscape lighting, we've got your needs covered. Stop by our magnificent lighting showroom, or browse our selection online today!

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