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A well-lit bathroom is important for both function and aesthetics. Not only does it help you see what you're doing when you're in the bathroom, but proper lighting can also make a small space feel larger and more inviting. lighting(one) of Cincinnati is your local lighting showroom to help you choose the right bathroom lighting fixtures and how to create the best lighting design for your bathroom. Get in touch with our lighting specialists at lighting(one) of Cincinnati to learn more!

The Different Lighting Types

The three types of lighting are ambient light, task lighting, and accent lighting. Ambient light is general or overall illumination that fills space to make it feel comfortable and bright. Task lighting is directed downward or outward. It's meant to brighten work surfaces so that you can see small details when getting ready for the day. Task lighting also helps reduce eyestrain and glare by eliminating shadows for better vision. Finally, accent lighting is used to draw attention to specific items in a bathroom like artwork, architectural features, or furniture.

Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

There are lots of different bathroom lighting fixtures available for your new bathroom lighting design. For ambient light in the bathroom, consider using recessed lights positioned around the perimeter (in a grid pattern) to eliminate shadows and make the space feel larger. If you're looking for task lighting above the mirror, consider a bathroom vanity light. Vanity lights come in many different shapes and sizes to fit your needs, and they can be mounted either on the wall or ceiling. They also provide general ambient lighting for the room. For accent lighting in the bathroom, look for unique fixtures like pendants or chandeliers that will add personality and style to your new lighting design.

Bathroom Lighting Tips from lighting(one) of Cincinnati

Create a bathroom lighting plan before you start shopping for fixtures by sketching out your ideas, then using the list to look up different fixture styles and specifications online so you can find one that looks great in your space. Also, keep in mind ceiling height when looking at fixtures to make sure they won't be too large or overwhelming.

When installing your new bathroom lighting, always start with the ambient light and work your way up to the task and accent lights. This will help you avoid blinding yourself with bright task lighting when you're just trying to get ready in the morning.

And finally, don't forget about the ceiling when it comes to lighting in your bathroom. Recessed lights can help you eliminate shadows and add more ambient light, while a chandelier or pendant fixture will create an elegant focal point above the tub for added style and character.


At lighting(one) of Cincinnati, we have a wide selection of bathroom lighting fixtures and years of experience helping customers find their ideal lighting designs. Visit lighting(one) of Cincinnati today to learn more about bathroom lighting fixtures and how to create the best lighting design for your space!

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