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Large chandeliers can be a stunning addition to any home, providing both light and a decorative focal point. Chandeliers come in a variety of styles, from modern, minimalist designs to ornate, traditional pieces. One way to make a big statement in your home is to go big with a large chandelier.

When choosing a large chandelier, size is the key factor. You want to make sure that the chandelier isn’t too small for the room, but also not so large that it overwhelms the space. Measure the room and get an idea of the size of the chandelier you’re looking for. Also consider the scale of the other furniture and decorations in the room; a large chandelier should be in proportion to the other items in the room.

When it comes to design, your options are nearly endless. From sleek and modern to traditional and ornate, there’s a style to match any décor. See dozens of options at lighting (one) of Cincinnati's lighting showroom today!

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